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Founder and CEO of Stylish and Fit, LLC, Tanjie’s mission is to promote optimal health, wellness, and esteem that will last a lifetime. She is a certified personal trainer, licensed fitness instructor, nutrition consultant, speaker, wardrobe stylist, fashion designer, motivational speaker, wife, and mother.

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Stylish & Fit presents…

The (L.O.V.) Lifestyle of Vitality Challenge ~ Live or Virtual!

Desire to revitalize your body, mind and style for a lifetime?

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Promoting optimal wellness & esteem with the Essential 5 Combination by Tanjie Brewer – Fitness, Nutrition, Style, Beauty & Motivation. Join an international community of energized people & motivational speakers. Access all this from any computer or mobile device.

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Introducing COVR

An entertaining and informational show giving highlights from the L.O.V. Challenge as well as information from the Stylish and Fit’s Essential Combination: fashion, nutrition, fitness, beauty, and motivation. The vision of Stylish and Fit has always been to reach the masses through television and the internet. Once you subscribe to the YouTube Channel, you will receive notification when the newest shows are available.  Tune in soon!

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What’s N-U? trition

We have all heard those infamous words “Don’t judge a book by it’s Cover”. Yet we still want to know who is playing in the movie or the picture is what grabs us to purchase a magazine. Not to mention that handsome man that has our attention at hello. Many people look in the mirror and become satisfied with the way they look because their face doesn’t appear to be falling a part from the foods they eat.

Stay In The Know with Tanjie’s daily Stylish & Fit 5 Essentials Articles…

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Success Journeys

Within us all lies the power to increase our vitality, reveal new layers of our unique beauty,

and live our best life. 

Take a look at Stylish and Fit’s success journeys.

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L.O.V. Challenge ONLINE

Lifestyle of Vitality Online Transformation Challenge. Get started today!

L.O.V. Challenge LIVE

Live , local and in person. Work with Tanjie to transform your life and have fun doing it.

Tanjie Brewer

CPT, Lifestyle Coach, Wardrobe Stylist, CEO Stylish & Fit

Tanjie’s mission is to promote optimal health, wellness, and esteem that will last a lifetime. Her services change lives!

Top 5 No-No’s

By Tanjie Brewer

Regardless of where you live in the world,

the universal truth is that health and wellness must be intentional and continual…

We must challenge ourselves daily to achieve more and tap into our realm of possibilities.  

The Lifestyle of Vitality (L.O.V.) Challenge provides a focus in The Essential Combination


This transformation journey includes instructional videos, streaming classes, amazing speakers and more to help
you enhance your overall wellness for a lifetime. The videos and information will be broken down into a weekly
format to help guide you with your powerful progression. This circle of energy will transform your life!



Your virtual journey awaits and the circle invites your energy. Join the circle and learn more.