Acceptance of Risk (terms and conditions)

Acceptance of Risk

I understand that participation in physical activity and the use of training programs may be hazardous to my health. Circle of Vitality and Stylish and Fit, LLC requires users of the site to seek advice from a doctor before starting any physical activity of exercise regime.

I am fully aware of and understand the risks involved in my participation in using this training guide along with the advice and exercise instruction, yet it is still my intention to participate. I am also aware that there may be other remote health risks associated with physical activity, and even though I have been made aware of and understand these risks, it is still my intention to participate.

I do here and forever release and discharge and hereby hold harmless, and their respective agents, heirs, assigns, contractors, and employees from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action or causes of action, present or future, arising out of or connected with my participation in this or any exercise program including any injuries resulting therefrom, including, without limitation, injuries which may occur as a result of:

  1. acting contrary to medical advice;
  2. equipment that may malfunction or break;
  3. any slip, fall, dropping of equipment; and or
  4. my negligent instruction or supervision.

I acknowledge that I have thoroughly read this disclaimer and release document and fully understand that it is a release of liability. By reading this document, I am waiving any right I or my successors might bring any legal action or assert a claim against or [for negligence] or that of or Stylish and Fit, LLC employees, agents or contractors.


               The Circle of Vitality Challenge Rules

1. How to register:

  • Register online at  Please click on join the circle.  The registration will be open from March 22nd– April 18th.  You are joining the introductory and early bird rate of $189. There will be a kickoff conference call on April 19th at 10am. Once you are in the circle, you will receive further information.
    • The transformation journey is from April 19th-August 23rd.
    • The Big Reveal will be on August 23rd.
  • Payment will be required when you register.
    • Payments can be made online using any debit or credit card.
    • You are not registered for your transformation journey until you pay the entry fee.
    • No refunds or transfers of any kind will be issued for any reason.


2. The online classes, videos, and information.

  • The videos and information will be broken down into a weekly format.  Please be sure to follow them accordingly.
  • You will have an individual progression page to track your progress.  You must have 80% completion to be eligible for the Grand Prize at the end.  This page is set up to help you progress safely and keep you accountable.  We want to see you succeed

3. How to win:

  • Participants will be judged on their overall transformation, meaning we will use the before and after pictures as a primary criteria to judge the competition.
  • Participants are awarded prizes based on their overall transformation.
  • We will announce the winner  live. You will find out more when you are in the circle.

4. Weigh-Ins & Measurements

You will have the ability to track your measurements and weight on your progression page. This journey is not just about losing weight.  However, it is great to see you results and where your hard work and dedication to the process takes you.

5.  Healthy Weight loss progression

  • Participants must use healthy weight loss methods including a healthy balanced diet and exercise.
  • Participants must lose weight at a safe and healthy rate.
  • Please refrain from drugs or any other weight loss supplements or laxatives.
  • Please refrain from any weight loss surgeries which could disqualify you.

Please Note:

  • Everyone is a winner on this journey.
  • Consult a health care professional before altering your diet or exercise regimen.
  • The rules can be altered by the staff at any time.  However, this is not something that we see happening as we feel that the system we have in place is a great way to determine the winner.


The Circle of Vitality online program hosted by STYLISH & FIT, LLC.


Whereas I, becoming a participant of the Circle of Vitality being hosted by Stylish & Fit, LLC. I have read and understand these Terms and Conditions of this challenge and I voluntarily agree to the following: Stylish & Fit, LLC/L.O.V. (Lifestyle of Vitality) Challenge is in no way responsible for guaranteed weight loss. Stylish & Fit, LLC is not held liable for any health illness or injuries that may have resulted due to my fitness and nutrition regime or weight loss. Stylish & Fit, LLC or the Circle of Vitality is not giving medical advice and always recommend that you consult with your physician.


I will indemnify and hold harmless Stylish & Fit, LCC, and all staff, employees, assignees and anybody associated with Stylish & Fit, LCC for any (and all) injury, accident, loss or theft, or any dispute that may arise between myself and Stylish & Fit, LLC or any other services offered in the community. I understand that Stylish & Fit, LLC does not give refunds to monthly or challenge fees. I understand that this challenge is to be Drug Free and be with the understanding that weight loss is to come from “Natural” fitness training methods and nutrition. Weight loss drugs, diuretics, and surgeries are not allowed and will result in disqualification.


I understand that Stylish & Fit, LLC holds the right to disqualify me if I am caught cheating in any way giving false information.


I give consent and release of all photos and videos taken by Stylish & Fit, LLC staff and/or affiliates for the use pertaining but not limited for training, marketing, and advertisement of their choice.


I understand that in no way does Stylish & Fit, LLC guarantee weight loss, but is holding this online program/challenge to aid myself in connecting with services and programs to help me obtain this. I will continue to be eligible to earn the cash reward if I follow all terms and conditions of this contract. I will earn the reward if I have the greatest change which will be shown by comparing my before and after picture.  I am committing to the 4 (four) month contract agreement of $189 total.  I understand that due to the large discount of the program, there will be no refunds. Furthermore, I will not file any legal claims seeking a return or refund of this payment. These conditions will apply regardless of the outcome of said legal actions.