Power of a Confession

My little five year old has what's called "Thumbs Up Awards" at his school.  They are given to students across the school by other teachers and leaders that notice their good behavior.  The first two weeks, my son didn't get any although his teacher would tell me how...

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Who Killed the Greens?

Life produces life. An apple tree for example will yield an amazing harvest of apples if it is alive. It’s purpose in full operation and we reap the benefit of the crunchy red or green delights. The collard green is also a life giver when kept in the original alkaline...

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Where purpose is not known

Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable - Dr. Myles Munroe This is truly one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Myles Munroe.  When we think of abuse, sometimes it's easy to think of a man hitting a woman.  Men are stronger and it's sad that we hear the stories...

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Style is Timeless

I was speaking with this lovely lady about 25 years my senior who looked at me and said "I use to dress cute and be stylish like you when I was your age".  I thought to myself, "one day I'm gonna be her age and I don't want to be telling a younger woman that".  I want...

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What’s N-U?trition

We have all heard those infamous words "Don't judge a book by it's Cover". Yet we still want to know who is playing in the movie or the picture is what grabs us to purchase a magazine.  Not to mention that handsome man that has our attention at hello. Many people look...

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No one ever arrives with fitness

No one ever arrives with fitness.  It is a continuous journey that can be improved but must always be maintained with intentional focus. Finally getting to the 6 pack abs will only disappoint once you finally reach the goal if you don't understand the lifestyle. No...

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World’s #1 Concealer

As a young girl and beyond, I can recall the moments where the pimples seemed to override my vibrancy. I felt the true essence of myself wanting to burst free but my imperfections tried to keep my authenticity sheltered. I knew I was not this shy girl that was trying...

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Meet Tanjie Brewer

Speaker, CPT, Wardrobe Stylist, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

Tanjie is a certified NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal trainer, licensed fitness instructor, nutrition and lifestyle coach, speaker, wardrobe stylist, fashion designer, wife, and mother.


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