Power of a Confession

Repeat CanvaMy little five year old has what’s called “Thumbs Up Awards” at his school.  They are given to students across the school by other teachers and leaders that notice their good behavior.  The first two weeks, my son didn’t get any although his teacher would tell me how exceptional he was.   The next week my son started adding to his confessions each morning that  he would get lots of  Thumbs Up Awards.  This was done on his own accord.  That very day he came home with two.   He was ecstatic and said “Mommy, Mommy, I said I would and I did”.    After that, it became a trend.  He began to attract the very thing that he desired.  He even got three in one day!!  Now his box of awards are overflowing.    Powerful right?!  Although it doesn’t always seem as easy as saying words and getting what we want, it’s a great starting point.    What life giving words are you proclaiming daily?  If you have to think long and hard about them, it’s time to find some new words to put on repeat.     They will build your confidence and your expectant energy and faith will attract what you desire .   Beyond that, the most important things are put at the for front of your day.   Words simply can put actions in motion.  For example, if working out has become hard for you, here is a great confession: I am strong and built with all the tools I need to take care of my body.  I have the energy to work out today and will not allow any excuse to deter me.  I am healthy and will be all that I was created to be.


By Tanjie Brewer



Posted on

December 12, 2014