Denise Madeja

Raw Food Chef and Certified Plant-Based Nutrition Educator

Denise Madeja is passionate about sharing the wealth of health with everyone. As a Raw Food Chef and Certified Plant-Based Nutrition Educator, she uses her skill and broad knowledge to provide nutritional education to the community, as well as prepare tantalizing food, using all natural ingredients. Her own journey to wellness, testifies to the value of Raw Intentions’ Mission, of helping people make better choices for their health.  Denise has a unique way of sharing her passion for healthy living for the whole person, while educating, encouraging, and teaching others to make the changes necessary to obtain optimum health in their lives. Denise partners with health professionals throughout the community, helping to raise awareness and educate many on the benefits of a Plant-Based Lifestyle. She is a Health Minister through Hallelujah Acres, a CHIP Facilitator, through Lifestyle Medicine Institute, and has studied under some of the nation’s top Plant-Based promoting doctors and health care advocates.