Doretha E Miller

Nurse & Certified Nutritionist

Doretha Miller is a Cardiology Nurse at Cardia Vascular Care Center in Nassau Bahamas. She received her Nursing qualification at the Bahamas School of Nursing (1974). She has held various positions within the field,but for the past 15 yrs she has been nurse to Dr Patrick Cargill M.D., F.A.C.C. who specializes in Invasive and Non Invasive Cardiology. Through this position, Mrs. Miller was inspired to work with and assist individuals in moving toward optimal health. The passion for well ness came out of seeing the struggles of individuals to make lifestyle changes. Over the years she has worked with patients to make strategic changes to destructive behaviors and has found fulfillment in their success.

She received her certifications as a Health and Wellness Coach from jSC John Spencer Ellis Fitness & Personal Development Solutions.