Jaurdane Ivory

Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

Jaurdane Ivory Artistry believes when you look your best, you feel your best, and when you feel your best, you are absolutely unstoppable! Jaurdane is passionate about making the world beautiful– one face, one outfit, one event, one home at a time.

Dallas based, but born and raised in Washington DC. Jaurdane is a Believer, a dreamer, an encourager, friend, music connoisseur, and simply a lover of life. This self-taught MUA/Stylist is a lover of all things ART. Her love of Make Up stemmed from the fascination of seeing her Mommy put on a green lipstick that turned red when applied. She noticed that spark of confidence that her Mom would have after she popped her lips — that visually shaped her love for Makeup. From there, she admired her grandmother’s sense of fashion. In today’s terms, Granny was what we would call “snatched”! Every hair would be in place… she didn’t believe in wearing the same thing twice (true story). To this day she still “shops” in her Granny’s closet.

Ceramic Artist/Music Junkie for a Mom… Fashionista as a Grandmother… an amazing Pianist for a Great Grandmother…and a Seamstress for an Aunt, it was inevitable for Jaurdane to escape the arts. However, it was during the pursuit of her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Technology at Oral Roberts University where she found her true passion for expressing herself through Artistry. Many colleagues would agree as Jaurdane was the MUA/Stylist for most of the Homecoming and various school events. At one point it became another source of income. Jaurdane’s passion is driven by the excitement and satisfaction that each client receives.