Margie Day

Author, Creator of Pure Radiance

Life nowadays is busy, prepackaged and geared for people on the go. We all want to be healthy, energetic and looking our best to face the challenges of the day, but often there isn’t enough time or we aren’t sure how to go about it. Pure Radiance®, Inc. was founded by Margie K. Day, N.D., in July 1995 with the goal to enlighten and educate people about the importance of purifying our bodies and reducing the amount of toxins we take in everyday. At the time Margie was a single mother of three children and formulating skin care products for dermatologist and plastic surgeons. Through her studies she realized that not only is the skin a window into what is happening to our bodies, but that the skin communicates to you about your health. In other words in order to have radiant and healthy skin you need to be healthy on the inside of your body.

Through careful study and research, Margie has found that the three most important things to maintaining a healthy metabolism, keeping life functions working at optimum potential, and looking and feeling your best are one, Efficient Oxygen Replenishment, two, Optimal Hydration, and three, Less Intake and Greater Removal of Toxins.

After years of work, Margie has developed a line of all natural products to facilitate oxygenation and hydration, as well as aid in the removal of toxins, W.E.T.® (Enhanced Water).  We also have all natural supplements derived from foods. The Pure Radiance skin care line is formulated with Enhanced Water which are natural products that cleanse and rejuvenate your whole body. Many past clients have been amazed at the transformation in their lives brought about by these simple, all natural skin care and oxygen supplement products. Their reviews are living testimonies of the power of Pure Radiance to change the way you look and feel about your health, and your inner radiance.

Margie K. Day, N.D. is an author of “Your Face, Revealing the Hidden Secrets to Radiant Health”, which helps one understand how the skin can communicate what is going on inside that body.  Her other book, “Women Who Win”, tells her personal journey of starting Pure Radiance and fulfilling God’s purpose in her life.  Due to her exemplary reputation in the fields of health and nutrition, she is in constant demand as a national speaker and seminar leader. A wife and mother of three, she is a living example of her own formula for health, happiness and a youthful look.  You can learn more about her story and Pure Radiance, Inc. by ordering your copy of “Women Who Win” or linking to her website