We all are on a journey where we get to utilize the power within and unleash new levels of who we are to the world.  When we leave a room or someone’s presence, the question should always be,  “what did I unleash in that atmosphere?  Did I reveal the true essence of who I am and did I make a deposit?  Did I bring something that wasn’t there before and increase LIFE.  There is a confidence and security that comes from energy, wellness, a great since of purpose, owning your style, and tapping into your individual beauty that causes us to show up in the world in a dynamic way.  These blogs are meant to inspire, create, and assist you in unleashing the many layers of strength, beauty, or to sum it up…the genuine truth of who you are.  You will receive tips and information from the 5 ingredients to what I feel will help you stay sharped and with your presence, leave a gift wherever you go.  They are:  Fitness, Style, Beauty, Nutrition, and Motivation (Spiritual & Mental strength).  Each blog will contain one or all of the following.  Thanks and advance for following!


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September 30, 2014