Who Killed the Greens?

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Life produces life. An apple tree for example will yield an amazing harvest of apples if it is alive. It’s purpose in full operation and we reap the benefit of the crunchy red or green delights. The collard green is also a life giver when kept in the original alkaline form. Its’ purpose is to yield forth an abundance of nutrients for our bodies. This powerhouse green is rich in vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin K, it’s anti-inflammatory and much more. Many might choose the Collards or should I say “Greens”  that are infused with flavor from the pork, salt, etc. It’s how Grandma did it. However, the bacon or ham hocks will kill the very purpose of what the greens were intended to provide you. Even if if you decide to add smoke turkey instead of pork it still changes the alkalinity because all meat is acidic. Very quickly the collards can change from being a life giver to a bowl of energy snatchers. Now, I’m not saying don’t enjoy greens at grannies, just ensure to eat them in their original form as well. One of my recipes I look forward to sharing are greens that taste like Grannie makes but they remain ALIVE!!

By Tanjie Brewer Tanjie’s mission is to promote optimal health, wellness, and esteem that will last a lifetime. She is a certified NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal trainer, licensed fitness instructor, wardrobe stylist, fashion designer, wife, and mother. Her unrelenting passion to see others increase their vitality has transformed the lives of men and women globally.


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November 20, 2014