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The World's #1 Con








As a young girl and beyond, I can recall the moments where the pimples seemed to override my vibrancy. I felt the true essence of myself wanting to burst free but my imperfections tried to keep my authenticity sheltered. I knew I was not this shy girl that was trying to overtake me.  I would look in the mirror putting focus on the imperfections.  One day my mother caught me touching my skin as I said “I hate my skin”. She looked at me with the biggest heart of concern as tears filled her eyes and said “don’t ever curse what God has created”.  She told me I was beautiful and that everyone had their “thing”. She told me that the key to any imperfection was knowing who you are and walking with CONFIDENCE. That day forward something changed. Her words struck me at the core and uprooted self-doubt and my confidence was ignited that very moment.  I understood my beauty and began to love my skin.    It became clear to me that the number one concealer to any blemish is CONFIDENCE.


By Tanjie Brewer Tanjie’s mission is to promote optimal health, wellness, and esteem that will last a lifetime. She is a certified NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal trainer, licensed fitness instructor, wardrobe stylist, fashion designer, wife, and mother. Her unrelenting passion to see others increase their vitality has transformed the lives of men and women globally.

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September 30, 2014