When you allow your PURPOSE to lead, everything changes.

Rocking your true purpose with vitality requires you to step back, breathe in all of your God-given talents, qualities, passions and character traits and then harness them-in all their glory-into a life you LOVE to live.

… because it’s real, it’s you

… and you wake up every morning excited for what the day will bring.


– Dr. Tanjie Brewer

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Licensed Fitness Instructor

  • Certified Nutritionist

  • Speaker

  • Stylist

  • Author

Through my personal trials facing the loss of my mother and unfulfillment in a high level position at a fortune 500 company, I discovered that my passion, my purpose, is to help others rock their purpose with vitality.

After the loss of my mom at an early age and years of chasing a financially stable but unfulfilling career, I knew I needed a change. So I stepped back and started taking notes about Tanjie. Who was I really? 

  • I’ve always loved fashion and design.
  • I cherish people and relationships.
  • I create vitality in my life by exercising my body and focusing on nutrition.
  • I am a good writer.
  • I’m a strong business woman. 

These are my affirmations. 

Then the ideas started flowing about what could be. I knew my two favorite places were the mall and the gym. I’m a “gym shoes by day, high heels by night,” kinda gal.  And I understood the important parts fitness, nutrition, and fashion played in my life…beyond the superficial aspects. Owning my personal style gave me confidence and boldness while fitness preserved my inner purpose. I wanted to redefine the importance of style and fitness for others because I knew how much both could dramatically play a role in transforming someone’s life. 

Out of these ideas and defined passions, I fell into my purpose, and Stylish and Fit was born. That was 2010.

Since then, I have been growing my business into areas I never imagined possible. I love my clients and am passionate about empowering them to transform their minds, bodies and spirits so they, too, can discover the God-given purposes in their lives. I pay attention to the details in my clients’ lives to help them unlock and unwrap who they were meant to be. I am passionate about lifelong transformation and will do all I can to help others succeed!


Dr. Tanjie Brewer

CEO Stylish & Fit

  • Fitness
  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Speaker
  • Stylist
  • Author

My Mission

To globally transform lives around the world by helping others live a lifestyle of vitality with focus on 5 essential areas:

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Motivation
  • Fashion