The Essential Combination

This circle of energy will transform your life!

There is Power in Progression

It is truly not where you start but where your determination takes you. We all have the ability to be stronger, increase our stamina, obtain more energy, become more flexible, increase our balance, and change our bodies. It’s important to know your body and progress safely. Many people jump into exercise routines and their bodies are not yet ready for the demand placed on it. Tanjie’s coaching will help guide you and sharpen your personal motivation to stay fit.

There is Greatness in Fitful Thinking

Everyone moves in the direction of their thoughts. Many of us have possibilities that run so deep. It is truly being fit in our minds and clearing the clutter that allows us to tap into them. When we become disciplined with our actions and thoughts, there is clarity of vision for our lives. As life continues to get busy, it is easy to lose sight of our dreams. What you focus on truly develops.

Fitness Highlights

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There is Life in living Intentional

Being conscious concerning consumption is an important part of this process. There is a plethora of energy awaiting you and food plays a major role. Learn how to eat alkaline and have food work for you. Join Tanjie for cooking classes, grocery shopping tours, cabinet makeovers and advice on daily food logs designed to keep you on track. Tanjie’s coaching on nutrition will help take you to the place you need to be.

Nutrition Highlights

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There is Confidence in Accentuating Your Beauty

Accentuating beauty is more than makeup.  When the lips pop with color, it brings attention to the powerful words you have to say.  When the eyelids are highlighted with beautiful hues, it brings people into your conversation.  The arched brows are like windows that open the world to a greater dimension of who you are. Blush on the cheeks highlights the gift of your smile.  Beauty is to accentuate your message.

Beauty Highlights

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There is High Esteem in Owning Your Signature Style

Are you aware of your signature style? We define “signature style” as your individual outward expression of your unique beauty/flair on the inside. Everyone has a fashion statement that is proclaimed when they enter a room. Tanjie will work with you to tap into your signature style and help you stir up your fashionable creativity.

Style Highlights

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There is Strength in Community

When many people get together all seeking a goal of increasing vitality and being the very best they can be, an atmosphere of contagious energy is created organically. It is truly fertilizer for results and individual or collective growth.  Encouragement is power and it has been said that we are not just on the planet for ourselves. Tanjie’s coaching and The Lifestyle of Vitality program provides a community of support through competitive fun, consistent dialogue, and mental motivation. Get to know others all around the world and create positive change in others while transforming your life. The inner man is just as important as the physical body. Feeding the spirit and mind is important for emotional health.

COV Motivation Highlights

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