What is The Lifestyle of Vitality (L.O.V.) Challenge ?

Our Mission and Vision.

The Lifestyle of Vitality (L.O.V.) Challenge

This unique lifestyle transformation challenge was founded by Tanjie Brewer. It is one of the many programs under the umbrella of her company called Stylish & Fit and allows members to participate online and live in person. Her strong desire to see individuals all over the world rock a lifestyle of vitality birthed the L.O.V. Challenge. This circle of strength is meant to provide others with the foundational principles and tools to ensure their success for a lifetime. It is founded on the idea that overall fitness is about embracing your unique beauty, owning your style, energizing your body through proper nutrition, being mentally sound, and having a balanced workout regimen. In addition, with the support of others that desire to grow, the energy provides fertilizer for results.

Mission Statement

To globally transform lives around the world by helping others live a lifestyle of vitality with a focus on 5 key areas: fitness, fashion, nutrition, beauty, and motivation. For one reason only, to rock your vitality!


Our vision is to continually bring cutting edge programs obtainable by people everywhere that will inspire continual growth and help others reach beyond their realm of possibilities.