What is The Lifestyle of Vitality (L.O.V.) Challenge?

Rock your purpose with vitality.

The LOV Challenge is different from anything you’ve seen or tried in the past, because we focus on the WHOLE you; mind, body and spirit.

Do you ROCK your purpose?

Everyone has a purpose that God has called them to be, unique from anyone else. Some people know what it is, and it wakes them up in the morning without an alarm clock. And some just don’t know what it is…yet. Uncovering YOUR purpose starts with some important steps:

You start by continually focusing on growing into the best version of yourself.

Be your healthiest mind, body and spirit. 

    Your healthiest mind
    begins with focus. 

    Focus on your goals. Where do you want to be in 5 years, financially, in your relationships and in your career? What about 10 years? Define your goals, then make each next decision to get you closer to them.

    Your healthiest body
    starts with a commitment 

    Commitment to your fitness and nutrition. No, this doesn’t mean change everything you do, all at once, tomorrow. Real and authentic, life-changing commitment to your health starts with tiny baby steps. 

    A healthy spirit begins
    with confidence

    Confidence in who you are and who you were meant to be. When you’re motivated and putting in the hard work, you gain confidence. Because you know you’re doing your best and leaving the past behind you. 

    –  Will you join me?

    Check out the details for the LOV Challenge below:

    Here’s how it works:

    • This is a commitment to a program that will transform your life! 
    • We guide and motivate you in our private Facebook community with easy-to-follow videos, motivation, and wisdom from industry experts
    • You’ll learn how to safely transform your body & lifestyle through positive progression focused on fitness and nutrition 
    • We provide you with everything you need to be successful:  fresh new recipes, a pantry analysis, achievable and measurable goals, etc.
    • And because we focus on ALL OF YOU, we even help with your sense of style through an exclusive closet analysis to help you present your BEST SELF to the world
    • At the end of our challenge, we select one winner with the biggest transformation…that person gets a wardrobe make over! 

    Weekly, you’ll get:

    • Instructional fitness videos that take you on a safe progression 
    • Cooking classes (with special surprise award winning Chefs)
    • Constant motivation from people just like you
    • A fitness community to support your goals
    • Fashion tips so you can look your best
    • Live interviews and special surprise guest speakers
    • Live fitness & dance parties
    • Participation Awards

    Daily, you’ll get:

    • Motivation and community support
    • Fun workouts focused on increasing muscle and improving your BMI, balance and flexibility

    At the end of four months:

    • Your physical body will be completely transformed
    • Your mind will be renewed with a higher sense of purpose and confidence
    • You’ll understand your personal style and learn how to rock it 
    • Your lifestyle will be full of healthy habits and choices, bringing new vitality to all you do and want to do
    • Your stamina, strength, balance, and flexibility will all increase
    • You’ll be equipped with delicious new recipes to continue your commitment to nutrition 

    Other fun details:

    • At the end of the challenge we reveal and celebrate the winner with the biggest transformation
    • By committing to the challenge, you get exclusive discounts with our approved vendors that support overall wellness
    • No Refunds. Your commitment to the challenge authorizes Stylish & Fit to auto-withdraw the fees from your account monthly for either 3 or 4 months – depending upon the program you enter.


      Tanjie Brewer

      CEO Stylish & Fit

      • Certified Personal Trainer
      • Licensed Fitness Instructor
      • Certified Nutritionist
      • Speaker
      • Stylist
      • Author

      My Mission

      To globally transform lives around the world by helping others live a lifestyle of vitality with focus on 5 essential areas:

      • Fitness
      • Nutrition
      • Mindset
      • Motivation
      • Fashion